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Welcome to the Pompano Beach Strategic Plan

This is a site where you can offer your ideas in response to specific questions about the future of Pompano Beach. You will be able to see the ideas that other residents have offered, offer a comment if you want, and vote for or against those ideas. When you submit an idea, you will have the choice of using your name or submitting simply as "community member". When you offer an idea, give it a brief title in the first line and then explain it in the second line.

To participate you will need to register so that the software can calculate your votes and comments. This information is kept strictly inside the program and not made available to anyone other than the software administrators. To register, simply click on the SUBMIT button, and you will be taken to registration if this is your first use of the site.

You see on the left a tab that says "question". Listed there are all seven questions we will ask over the course of the next five weeks with a brief title for each question. Click on that, and you will see the question itself. Every four or five days we will focus on a different question, but you can offer ideas on any question at any time. To submit an idea, just click on the SUBMIT button.

Please be sure to visit the site often to see new ideas as well as comment and votes on ideas already submitted. After reading comments, you can change your original vote if you want.

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